Sunday, March 25, 2012

From now to wow...

Behind the chair I am fortunate enough that most of my clientele evolves into their next great color and style. So when it came time to find a model to go from now to wow I looked elsewhere. I posted on FB that I was looking for models who were willing to transform. I know how scary change can be and I was happy when Lana volunteered. My vision for this collection was to take a classic shape and give it a colorful edge Ala vintage glam. It was a lot of fun and it was greatly enhanced by Scottie Magros' photography skills. Thanks Lana!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My first competition entry

So last year I entered SOYA, a photo entry competition where Eufora showcases three finalists in a few different hair categories.  Everyday we have make-overs in the salon but often are too busy or lack the foresight to capture the image. It made sense to me to enter this category and use the salons annual creative night photo shoot for my three models. I was so focused on transforming my models that I overlooked the importance of wardrobe styling and thus the shoot was lacking. I woefully chose to redo this photo shoot, maintaing all three models new looks until the next opportunity. A couple months later my friend and fellow hairdresser Jim Wilson was kind enough to offer his photography skills. Further cementing my belief that what a person needs will always be there. I was convinced I had a shot at being a finalist and dare I say even win for the make-over category. It has been an unbelievable creative journey. I did not place. The winner of this category had a far superior vision, and the other two finalists were good. It knocked the wind out of me, but true to the' Eufora families' culture many kind, encouraging words of wisdom were shared at the global 2011 convention. I am still proud of the images shown here, but can't wait to show you what has been happening since...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The beginning of a beautiful friendship

So last Summer I met an amazing photographer at an art fair with my husband. When we walked away from her booth I playfully said to my husband "she doesn't know it yet but we are going to be great friends". I'm so grateful that my words were prophetic!

 That summer she took the most beautiful pictures of our family in our own garden. We have gone on to collaborate in three wonderful fashion shoots intended for a competition that has since been cancelled but it has fed a taste for editorial hairdressing and I am still hungry...