Sunday, March 2, 2014

SOYA 2013

Well, I guess I'm not much of a blogger but I sure am an active liver.
 It's a busy and beautiful life.

 Last spring I created a collection for an Avante-Garde photo entry competition called SOYA that Eufora International offers biannually.
 I had never done ANYTHING Avante-Garde before because I was intimidated. This surprises most people who know me. 
Think about it:
What would you do if you could do anything? 
Where would you start? 
Where would you go with it? 
How would you get there? 
 The list of questions echoes another. 
My boundless thoughts overwhelmed me. 

I had been so long at the will of the individual I am designing with and at the mercy of the fabric their  hair is. I love it, but there are boundaries, rules, and laws. 

Avante-Garde appears impervious to rules and laws. Avante-Garde can be untamed in expression. Avante-Garde is yet to be with limited funds and resources I began to play. I had to expand beyond what I thought I knew AND let myself have it. I sketched crudely, collected images that inspired or expressed my point of view and formed a plan. I surrounded myself with people who helped materialize my desires.  

Nothing is ever done alone. I had an amazing photographer, Scottie Magro who was instrumental in the vision, an experienced make-up artist, Brieanne Monique, and four fantastic models who graciously gave their time and talent to actualize a vision I had vested so much into. And I cannot forget to acknowledge my husband who tolerated the hair mania our home harvested in the process.

 I did not place in the competition but I WON. I cannot express how grateful I am to feel such a strong win after not reaching what I thought was my goal. The last three images are what I submitted.

 It's funny, when I completed the session I thought I was done but it was just as much of a process to choose three images as a collection. Now that I'm finished with the competitive piece of this photo shoot there is more to come...