Sunday, June 17, 2012

Paving Traditions

Scarletts' first fathers day gift was a peony tree for daddy and resting beneath it is her first footprint paver. She was a year old and squishing her feet into the cement was no small task but we made it fun.

She wasn't interested in decorating it that first year but four annual pavers later she has developed an artistic eye that cannot be denied.

 As their feet grow the amount of decorating space has changed, adding to the eclectic style of pavers. One year may have their age and name, another the year and their initials.

 They seem to enjoy walking the path of pavers and seeing how 'big' their feet were when they were a 'baby'. Sentimental fool, I am happy knowing something sweet about the moments we share in the garden can be cemented in time.

 There are kits sold at craft stores that make this an easy project.When we do these I follow the directions provided but when i mix the cement I line the bucket with a doubled plastic grocery bag so I can squeeze it from all sides until it has a brownie mix consistency, this makes clean up easier too.
 Some tips from experience might be to make sure the imprint is deeply set, any decoration piece like marbles or tiles also have to be firmly pressed in or they will fall out not use more water than in the directions and if you do you can set paper towels on top to absorb the excess, then make your design. Be sure to let it set for a week in a place it will not be disturbed and lightly setting a dishtowel over the top seems to help wick away water for a better set.

Enjoy cementing your memories!

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  1. So sweet and such a great idea...wish I did that with my kids!!!