Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weaving Locks

 Recently a friend said to me "I thought your blog was about hair",  after all what else is there?

 The inspiration that has helped my success behind the chair comes from many areas of my life and the blog is a creative outlet all my own. 
 I am a hairstylist, make-up artist, extreme gardener, wife and mother just to name a handful of my favorite titles and in ALL that I do I want it to be BEAUTIFUL. 

 If you ask me, the best way to play in the mud is with your nails polished.
 I am in awe of  nature.
 I enjoy carefully mixing textures and colors.
 That said,  I plan to share snip-its from the locks that weave together my world. 

 Thanks for visiting...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Purplicious DIY fascinators

In preparation for the purplicious party and keeping in mind repurposing, I noticed the Laughing cow cheese container would make a fun party hat and as it lay next to the baby bell cheese shrouded in food netting I was reminded of a vintage hat. This is what came of the inspiration: 

Armed with purple spray paint, a headband, a small swatch of felt, and of course the laughing cow cheese container...

I sprayed it all purple for the theme and hot glued the felt onto the container on two sides leaving room to slide the headband in.

For the party the girls started with the party hat base and chose from food netting, ribbons, tulle, and feathers to have an adult hot glue on for them.

I think the girls had fun.

Even the adults enjoyed the project!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

It snowed this week and it reminded me of this session with Scottie
As a stylist behind the chair it comes natural to enhance a persons appearance but it is quite another skill to choose a model for a photo shoot. Lucky for me our model Kristi was a natural. 

I have learned more in the last year about photo shoots than in the last ten of our yearly creative night sessions. It has been as if something dormant has been awakend. To most what I have gained may be common sense but the fact that this slightly snowy and overcast day was perfect for an outdoor shoot came as a news flash.

The others news flash that changed the creative process for me was the importance of a storyboard. I really enjoyed collecting inspirational images and creating a story around the image.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

3 R's DIY party favor

Inspired by Tracie Lampe AKA the queen of trash,  I noticed my moms' one cup coffee system had a lot of waste and those little plastic pots were the perfect size for a peat pellet to grow a seed complete with drainage hole.
Coupled with my need for even garbage to be pretty and a desire for my children develop a use of the 3 R's,  I came up with this DIY party favor for my Daughters fifth spring birthday. 

I started with a K cup and after futile attempts could not get the foil and adhesive off the rim ( it really gives me pause to think about what coffee flavor that adds) , so I  used decorative Duct Tape to edge the rim added a peat pellet, seed, instructions with 'how to', and stickers to design the 'pot', and placed them in favor boxes  I found at a dollar store.

Perhaps in the end I created more waste but it was a fun activity that hopefully will plant the seed for Reducing, Recycling, and Reusing in the future for my children and others.