Thursday, November 1, 2012

Upswept hair in less than 5 minutes

 When I started this blog last March I wanted to add fun quick tutorials like this one, but I thought everything had to be perfect. This is from last summer and it is not perfect but it is fun and easy. Although it is true that it is much much easier to make an appointment with a talented professional I hope you have fun with this.

 What you will need to get started are:

hair 3 inches or more past your shoulders

Here is a step by step and listed below is a video tutorial.

Step One: Start with a side pony and
secure it with the elastics.
(you may want to backcomb at the crown for more lift first)

Step Two: Split the pony in two, set one portion aside.
Note that splitting the pony equally will create similar texture, splitting it 1/3 and 2/3 will create uneven texture- neither are wrong you will simply get a different look.

Step Three: Create a three stem braid and secure it with an elastic.
Note that a tighter braid will achieve a knotted look and a looser braid gives you more play and a 'loopy' finish.

Step Four: Braid the second portion of the pony and secure it with an elastic.
You should now have a pony tail with two secured braids.

Step Five: Take a bobby pin and slide it (preferably into 
the elastic) to the end of each braid and place it into the base of the ponytail.

Step Six: Place another bobby pin in the middle of the looped braid and secure it into the pony area. Do the same for the other looped braid.

Step Seven: This is where you personalize the finish. You may like it just as it is or perhaps you need to cover a pin or elastic. To do this spread out the braid and secure it with a pin. I like using 3 inch hair pins by placing them in the hair I am securing and weaving them into the base of the style.

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