Friday, May 18, 2012

Raised garden beds

 Last year I agonized over how to make raised beds in the garden until one day I was leaving a landscape supply company and saw these circles in various sizes standing upright in the rear view mirror as I was leaving. Come to find out they are galvanized steel fire rings and I think they make a fine raised bed.

To dress them up I sprayed the outside different shades of blue. To give them a formal touch in the future I may stack stone around them to create a sort of bench. Eventually we will add a flagstone path between them and convert the ceramic planters into a water feature.

 Inspired by my failed attempts to grow a sunflower house I used netting and bamboo poles to grow a green 'cave' to play in.

We thought it was fun.

 This year we are going to grow on a teepee.

Can't wait to share what grows,
Happy Gardening!

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