Friday, April 20, 2012

Purplicious DIY fascinators

In preparation for the purplicious party and keeping in mind repurposing, I noticed the Laughing cow cheese container would make a fun party hat and as it lay next to the baby bell cheese shrouded in food netting I was reminded of a vintage hat. This is what came of the inspiration: 

Armed with purple spray paint, a headband, a small swatch of felt, and of course the laughing cow cheese container...

I sprayed it all purple for the theme and hot glued the felt onto the container on two sides leaving room to slide the headband in.

For the party the girls started with the party hat base and chose from food netting, ribbons, tulle, and feathers to have an adult hot glue on for them.

I think the girls had fun.

Even the adults enjoyed the project!


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