Monday, May 7, 2012

The all season house

The garden was our first 'baby', in 2008 my husband built a paver patio as part of it's growth. We noticed that the new space needed overhead coverage. So when I found this gazebo at Costco I sought my husbands approval. We went back together and measured and thought it would be a good fit. 

 The problem was they only had a floor model left and could not sell it to me. The manager assured me they would get more and told me to call back every day. Two days later I called and they had sold the floor model and the closest one in a box was an hour away. I explained calmly that I was upset to the gentlemen on the phone and that I was on a waiting list for it,  he kindly apologized and shared with me that it was pending deletion in the system, but another store close by would sell me their floor model. I called the other store to be sure they would sell it and was told I had to do it in person. When I arrived a couple hours later I once again heard they could not sell me the floor model. This time I shared why I was I was angry...only to hear the closest one in a box was three hours away, but they would be getting more in.

Now, like most parents I am ga ga for my baby.
  I drove faster than I am willing admit to get to that Costco before it closed (feeling like I must be crazy) and I am SO happy I did because it fits our garden like we planted around it! Our real children think the "summer house" is great,  they call it the all season house. I enjoy sitting out in the rain without getting wet and the ting, ting, ting sound the rain makes.  

I love that my little obsession paid off because Costco still hasn't gotten more of these gazebos in yet.

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